Going Broke Learning To Fly?

Too Expensive to Up Grade Your Ticket?

What if you could get paid $400 every time you flew?


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Do You Want To Get Into Aviation As Bad As I Did??

Let’s talk about Aerial Photography Training at:

The Aerial Photography Academy


In 2004, I was a Handyman… I was the guy who came and cleaned your gutters in the middle of winter…all from a 40 foot ladder…I replaced damaged shingles… I hauled trash out of yards…I worked for a little family owned company doing all the odd jobs no one else would do.

After years of this work, I got more and more depressed. At $15/hour, I hardly contributed any money to our household. During this time, the most wonderful thing happened…I married my high school sweetheart.

I came home from work one day and I said “Lynn, I feel like I have been Working for the MAN for the past 40 years…I have never done anything for me, never done anything I was passionate about…It was always about the paycheck.

She smiled and said “Back in High School you were so passionate about AVIATION. You could be a pilot.”

I had indeed gotten a Private Pilots ticket in 1980 but flying was so expensive, I had given it up. But at age 55, there would be no way to fly for the Airlines, Corporates, or Cargo companies.

I began looking for AVIATION JOBS…nothing came up. I looked at carrying Medical Samples, Flying Power-Line Inspections, Banner Towing, Flying Sky Divers. Finally a miracle…I saw an old article about AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY and the light bulb finally lighted.

I began gathering every piece of information I could about cameras, planes types and techniques. I began practicing taking photos with a local flight school…before long I was ready.

I began to look for work and was so shocked and surprised…my first job was to photograph a new DELL COMPUTER plant being built in our city. I was hired to go up weekly and document to progress of the construction.

From there the jobs came at a regular rate…I learned more and more and after a few years was asked to become the National Training Director of a large Aerial Photography company operation nationwide.

Over the years, I have trained more Aerial Photography Pilots and Photographers than anyone else in North America. This Training site is the result of all I have learned over these years.
If you are looking to help pay for a little fuel for a rental plane or want to buy your own plane, we have a level of training for you.

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  • Going Broke Learning To Fly?
  • Too Expensive to Up Grade Your Ticket?

What if you could get paid $400 every time you flew?

Click On the Button & We Will Show You How!

Keep Your Wallet in Your Pocket…This Costs Your Nothing

See What Folks Are Saying
“Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with my new aerial photography venture. The changes you suggested to my pricing and recommendations about lens selection was very helpful. I look forward to working with you as my business grows.”
John Peroyea, Vision Aerial Photography, VisionAirDFW.com
“There is no better way to preserve your families history than with Aerial Photography and no one knows how to teach it like David.”
Ken Krieg, Vintage Aerial Photography, VintageAerial.com
“This course is a must have for ANY aerial photographer whether you are a beginner or an established professional. David’s proven marketing plan has increased my client base and income in ways I’ve never imagined. Thank you David”
Kevin P. Coughlin, Flying Dog Photos, Long Island, NY, FlyingDogPhotos.com
“Thanks for the great tips, tricks, and advice.  With all your help, soon I will be selling so many photos and making enough money that I can quit my day job and someone else can fly ME around for a change.”
Dave Hawkins, Florida Pilot Center
“Three months after training I had a $5000 month still working part time. Aerial Photography has allowed me to continue pastoring my church even through a tough economy. Even in Baskin, Louisiana with almost no population, I still did well.”
Frank Black, Advantage Photography, Baskin, Louisiana
“I purchased a $700 course elsewhere but didn’t really learn what I needed till I met David and Aerial Photography Experts
John Garr, Ariel Enterprises, LLC, Bay City Texas
“I took David’s course when he offered it one-on-one over several days and it’s true that personal training can’t be beat. However, David’s video course is like getting his one-on-one training but with a lot more information that couldn’t be covered in person because of time constraints. This is THE course to get if you’re at all serious about growing a successful aerial photography business!”
Rich Turner, PFNSkyshots, Pensacola, Fl,
“David at Aerial Photography Academy has been such a tremendous help in starting my aerial photography business. He truly enjoys every bit of what he does and it shows in his videos and in person. Ever since I first met David three years ago at Oshkosh,WI at the annual airshow called Air Adventure during his Aerial Photography Seminar I have truly enjoyed learning from his vast knowledge. He helped me turn what was a hobby three years ago into a growing fun business. It would not have been possible if it wasn’t for David and his aerial photography course! Highly recommend to anyone that is interested in aerial photography!”
Caleb Howell, Pilot's View Photography, Albemarle, NC, PilotsViewPhotography.com

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